CortyX Clarity Review – Improves Your Concentration & Get Better Focus!

CortyX Clarity Review – Improves Your Concentration & Get Better Focus!

CortyX Clarity Review - The key to ordering a supplement like CortyX Clarity is getting educated on the product and the company that sells it. Underst

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CortyX Clarity Review – The key to ordering a supplement like CortyX Clarity is getting educated on the product and the company that sells it. Understanding their terms and conditions and more importantly, the ingredients in the product and their effectiveness and safety. I have learned over time that there are thousands of similar products on the market today with many more coming out every day and choosing one is very difficult. It doesn’t matter who recommends it, you have to do the legwork yourself and not just read this or any one review only but numerous reviews, read comments, and most importantly, read the terms and conditions.

About CortyX Clarity

I have to admit that upon visiting the official website I was taken aback. For the first time since my search for a product to improve the way my brain works and boost my energy I was actually impressed by the information provided, the openness of that information, and overall detail put into marketing the product. They have definitely taken the time to provide you with as much information as possible to prove to you that what they are offering is really high quality and that they can be trusted. They offer a full list of ingredients, descriptions, links, as well as an image of their supplement facts. You even have internal links taking you to blog posts and further detail about how to use the product and its ingredients.

What they claim is that CortyX Clarity is a powerful nootropic. It contains a number of scientifically proven ingredients and though many websites claim the same, this time I was actually able to research each ingredient as they actually offer a full list and supplement facts. They claim that the product will improve awareness, mood, attention, focus, and overall brain performance. Nootropics, also known as “brain drugs” help boost levels of neurotransmitters and the blend of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids help make them healthy.

Ingredients Found in CortyX Clarity

There is a full page dedicated to the list of ingredients found in the product. Also, at the bottom of the page they offer a link to an image of the supplement facts which to me is one of the most important things that a supplement website can have.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D-3 is a key ingredient for absorbing minerals such as calcium zinc, iron, and magnesium and is essential for overall bone health. Absorption of these minerals is absolutely essential to improving cognition, focus, and health and help boost energy, cell growth, and immune function. If you have low levels of Vitamin D you may experience bad mood swings as well as low cognitive health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid helps break down carbohydrates thus helping boost energy which can be experienced within 3 days. After a few weeks the ingredient is known to boost memory drastically. Also, it is known to help protect brain cells from free radical damage similar to how antioxidants work. Also, it aids in the protection from toxic heavy minerals.

Caffeine helps stimulate the nervous system and improves alertness and prevents temporary drowsiness. Many people worry about this ingredient but the amount present in CortyX Clarity is equivalent to a cup of coffee.

Huperzine A boosts learning performance and retention of memory. This powerful nootropic also protects the brain from oxidative stress and toxicity all the while increasing the nerve growth factor as well as acetylcholine. It helps your brain learn new skills much faster and easier as it aids in the way it adapts new behaviors.

Tyrosine is essential to building vital neurotransmitters, hormones, and proteins. It will improve alertness, make you less anxious, and reduce fatigue. You will not burn out as fast and you will feel more content and happy. It is also known to counteract the hypersensitive effect of caffeine.

Taurine –protects from oxidative stress and acts as a powerful antioxidant. This ingredient helps protect brain from toxic substances, improves overall performance, and boosts cognitive impairment and endurance of the brain. It could also improve depression, reduce blood sugar problems, and reduce anxiety.

Vitamin B-12maintains proper function of the nervous system and is essential for RNA/DNA synthesis and blood foundation. Carbohydrates are turned into energy as breakdown is boosted and your memory and mood will be improved. Other benefits are that it fights fatigue, improves vision, and even prevents and improves muscle weakness.

Sulbutiamine is developed for improving Vitamin B1 deficiency. This means more energy, better mood, and even improved memory. Cognitive performance will be improved as well as prevents brain cell infection, protects against deprivation of oxygen-glucose and prevents brain from drug induced amnesia.

Vinpocetine boosts blood flow to the brain all the while repairing brain cells due to lack of oxygen and increases energy levels. Fights free radicals thus reducing oxidative stress and improves memory and cognitions by aiding and boosting key neurotransmitters. Added benefits are that it may increase hearing and vision alongside boosting concentration, memory, and alertness.

BacopaMonnieri improves cognitive performance, boosts learning rates, and increases memory alongside reducing depression, anxiety, and protecting against oxidative stress.

There are two more ingredients which they did not provide further detail but I have researched in the past and have found to be very effective and safe:



I am quite impressed by the list of ingredients. I have researched each and found that though some do have minimal possible side effects, they are all completely safe. 

How to Buy CortyX Clarity

Though they do have a membership program which goes with each purchase they are open about it from the get-go. They are also very open about their trial offer and rather than sending you a full month supply which confuses most people they send only 10 pills which give you an idea of how the product works and clearly state that the trial is for 14 days and there is a membership program which you will have to cancel if you don’t want to be charged or to receive any more products. Here are the options:

Trial Offer – Free – 10 pills – 14 day trial which starts at date of purchase – Full price of $43.31 plus shipping and handling charged after trial is over and enrolled in auto-ship membership program where you will receive new supply every month and charged accordingly.

1 Month Supply – $43.31 – Free shipping for first order – Enrolled in Auto-Ship Membership Program where you will receive a new supply every month and charged accordingly.

2 Month Supply – $63.65 – Free shipping for first order – Enrolled in Auto-Ship Membership Program where you will receive a new supply every month and charged accordingly.

Whichever option you select you are Enrolled in Auto-Ship Membership Program but if you are happy with the results and the price I see nothing wrong with this. They have made it very clear and have made sure you are well aware of this unlike many other websites which try and hide it.

Usually I am skeptical with similar products, and it’s no different with this one, however, they have impressed me with both the way they have marketed their product and its ingredients. I do not think that the official CortyX Clarity website is a scam and the ingredients prove it to be a promising supplement for improving brain performance and energy.


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