Enjoy This Diet Friendly Miniature Fruit Cherry

Enjoy This Diet Friendly Miniature Fruit Cherry

Cherry is a miniature wonder fruit which is packed with loads of health benefits and contains nutrients and also unique antioxidants. Among variety of

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Cherry is a miniature wonder fruit which is packed with loads of health benefits and contains nutrients and also unique antioxidants. Among variety of cherries, the two most important are the sweet / wild cherry and tart / sour cherry. It is a drupe fruit with a shiny bright / red thin skin on the outside.

Cherry is a low calorie fruit with low fat and high water content. It is also high in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Cherries contain nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, Perillyl, Ellagic acid, Melatonin and Anthocyanins. Both tart as well as sweet cherry is packed with innumerable health benefiting compounds that play an important role in your overall well being.

Cherries are rich in pigments. These pigments are polyphenolic flavonoid compounds called anthocyanin glycosides. Anthocyanins are purple, blue or red pigments having powerful anti-oxidant properties and are found in many vegetables and fruits, especially on their skin in concentrated form.

Health Benefits of Cherries are as follows:

Cancer Prevention:

Cherries contain rich content of anti-oxidants which protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals. Thus it can help in preventing the risk of fatal disease like cancer. It can also help in maintaining your body health and keeping your heart young.

Pain Reliever:

Anthocyanins in cherries help in the production of essential amino acids required for the body. It can also slow down the production of COX-2 enzymes and thus can act as an effective pain killer. Hence used to prevent and treat joint pains and arthritis.

Sleep Regulator:

It’s a known fact that human body can produce Melatonin pigment when it’s dark. But artificial lights can considerably decrease the melatonin produced by body. However Cherries can replenish the amount of melatonin that is lost by our body either due to irregular sleep pattern, artificial lighting and even unplanned work schedules. This pigment plays an important role in regulation of sleep.

Improves Immune System:

Cherry is a rich source of vitamin C. This is very helpful in fighting against cancer cells and also other kinds of infections. They basically protect the body from this deadly disease by hampering the replication of these cells.

Skin Health:

The anti-oxidants present in the cherries can protect the body from the harmful effects of UV radiations and aging on skin.


Cherries contain high amount of fiber that is very essential in maintaining healthy digestive system. It helps in improving waste removal from the body and also prevents the cancer of rectum and colon.

So the bottom line is, enjoy this diet friendly fruit ‘cherry’ which has high nutritive value at its best, in either fresh fruit form or in the form of juices, pulps, extracts or even in dried form as an afternoon snack to increase your daily intake of antioxidants.


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