Facial Muscle Exercise for An all New Improved Skin

Facial Muscle Exercise for An all New Improved Skin

Many of us flaunt vibrant and youthful skin when we are young but with growing age, we lose that natural charm. Although the process of ageing is inev

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Many of us flaunt vibrant and youthful skin when we are young but with growing age, we lose that natural charm. Although the process of ageing is inevitable, we can always delay this process and age as gracefully as possible. It is very obvious that everyone wants to look younger and attractive. Youthfulness is regarded as the sign of beauty. These days cosmetic surgery has become quite common but there are a lot of people who hesitate to undergo this surgery because of the risk factor involved in it and the number of procedures involved are endless. They result might initially be pleasing for your eyes but the fact that you have undergone surgery is clearly evident on your face and imagine when someone asks you about it, you would definitely not find it pleasing anymore. The result could look unnatural with tough facial skin which leads to the distortion of other facial features which you always admired and had no issues .

What better than facial muscle exercise?

They are alternative to cosmetic surgery and provide a genuine facelift with no knives involved. These exercises are the healthy and convenient way to look younger. You don’t need to move out from the comfort of your home and most importantly there is no risk involved. You can massage anytime, any place.

With the growing age, muscle fibers in our body become weak resulting in the saggy and wrinkly skin. As we know that underneath the skin, there is a subcutaneous layer of fat which diminishes with the age resulting in a less firm skin. This loss in fat gives you an older look. These exercises build the underlying muscles which replace some of the fat collagen and volume that we lost due to the process of ageing. Facial muscles increase the circulation and allow more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. In addition, they also remove toxins and damaged cells. Facial exercise works on the simple theory contracting and relaxing of facial muscles which will improve muscle tone making face look more relaxed, lifted, tough and defined. You can also notice the brighter complexion. When exercising we need to exercise all the muscles and not just concentrate on the problem area.

Facial Muscle Exercise2

To begin practicing facial exercise, stretch the skin with the hands and work the underlying muscles. Repeat this for a few times and when your muscles have become stronger increase the repetitions or the frequency of these exercises. Continue doing this exercise until the facial muscles are tired. While some of these facial exercises target only specific area, there are also exercises which improve double chin, decrease crow feet and so on.

Facial exercises should be a part of your daily skin care routine. And it’s very important to remain consistent if you need quick results. The most common misconception about facial muscle exercises is that working out facial muscles promotes wrinkles as they encourage the face to crease more than it is required.

Results of facial muscles exercise:

Reduction of wrinkle, increased blood circulation, stress reduction and the glowing, younger and vibrant skin


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