Home-made Remedies to Cure Pneumonia Effectively

Home-made Remedies to Cure Pneumonia Effectively

There are many medicines and treatments available to cure pneumonia. But the best way to cure this respiratory disease in a safer and pure way is thro

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There are many medicines and treatments available to cure pneumonia. But the best way to cure this respiratory disease in a safer and pure way is through application of home-made remedies. Yes, free from side-effects these cures are an alternative to those harsh drugs infused with heavy dosages of antibiotics making you weak very often. So find these remedies to grow stronger and healthier naturally.


Below are some of these remedies –

1)    Honey and ginger juice– Make a juice by mixing one spoon of ginger with one spoon of honey. Take it three times a day; it will heal the infection hitting your lungs and the respiratory system.

2)    Sesame seed, salt and honey– Prepare a tonic at home by mixing some sesame seeds, honey, linseed and a few pinches of salt. Now bring this to boil. Consuming this tonic will help you get rid of the mucus from the lungs.

3)    Ginger, garlic, chili pepper and black pepper– This is the most effective herbal treatment to cure pneumonia. Make a paste out of these ingredients and apply it to the chest directly. It will help in clearing the airways of your respiratory system.

4)     Parsnip– A juice prepared from the roots of the parsnip plant will help in eradicating diseases like pneumonia. Drink it every day and seek relief naturally.

5)    Vitamin– Include supplements in your diet having vitamin A and vitamin C. the main benefits derived from this dietary supplement is that it helps in strengthening the tract of respiratory system and further prevent relapse.

6)    Thymus and Echinacea– The best way to strengthen your immune system is to add dosages of these extracts. It aims at reducing the virus from your body and boosts overall well being.

7)    Herbal Tea– Mix some fenugreek leaves and a few drops of lemon juice to your tea. Continue taking this herbal drink up to five days, three times a day, you will recover faster. In fact, fenugreek leaves help in detoxifying your body and keeps you healthy within and without.

8)    Vegetable– Green vegetables, cucumber, beet root, spinach are very effective in curing pneumonia. In addition, rich in nutritional values, these vegetables help in aiding the body with the goodness of a healthy living.

Thus, incorporating some changes in your diet plan will furnish you with healthy and happy body. Above all during pneumonia, your body requires sufficient rest and care to recover faster and better. So relax and pamper your body with home-made remedies. However, in case of worsened condition, it is always advisable to see your doctor.


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