How can You Protect Your Eyes from AMD?

How can You Protect Your Eyes from AMD?

Breakdown of eye macula or AMD is one of the widely affecting diseases among people. This age related muscular degeneration occurs when the blood cell

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Breakdown of eye macula or AMD is one of the widely affecting diseases among people. This age related muscular degeneration occurs when the blood cells affect your vision. Under this disorder, the eye turns extra dry with deposition of pigments or the thinning of the macula wall in case of dry macular degeneration whereas in wet macular degeneration the blood vessels which grow under the retina leads to leakage of fluid and blood. This form of eye disease is more critical, impairing the sensitive light cells in your retina and leading to blindness.

This type of visual impairment mostly affects the older population and can occur as a result of consuming drugs, over exposure to the UV rays and often may affect you as a result of hereditary factors. In addition to this, excessive amount of fatty diets may lead to the critical conditions of AMD. In fact, studies have revealed that nonstop smoking increases the risk of AMD. Fluctuation in blood pressure and people with hypertension are more likely to develop this kind of disorder.


Can you imagine life without vision? No… so value your life and don’t let yourself fall prey to ailments. Maintain your visual health and take care of your eyes. In case of any complication, visit your eye care specialist at the earliest. Besides, you must keep in mind the following things:

Eat Healthy

Increase the intake of antioxidants in your diet and prevent the risk of developing these forms of eye diseases. Vitamin C and Vitamin E rich foods are beneficial for eyes and protect your eyes from these forms of ailments, and improve their health thereafter. Consumption of green vegetables, nuts, spinach, collards, colorful fruits and other antioxidant foods reduce the free radicals causing damage and protect the eyes from macular damages.

Omega Three fatty Acids

Have fish in your diet at least three times in a week. People consuming fish everyday enjoys improvement in visual and cognitive powers. Enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, this form of diet enhances cognitive functions and empowers you with a healthy vision. It provides DHA to the body and with zinc and other nutritional properties.

Maintain your Weight and Blood Pressure

Obesity and hypertension are some of the factors triggering the body with this form of ailments. Therefore, incorporate fiber rich food and practice exercises daily to keep your system healthy. Body fat gives birth to a large number of diseases and ailments therefore, you must lay stress on reducing weight and protect the body from diseases.

Above all, don’t stress. Give rest to your eyes and take adequate care to avert any damage to them. Eyes are your pathfinders, so don’t let them fall victim to diseases and blindness.  Follow these measures and take care…


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