Smoking – Quit Playing Games with Your Lungs

Smoking – Quit Playing Games with Your Lungs

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health… Have you ever wondered about this? This is a common line that we see printed on every cigarette packet. But

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health… Have you ever wondered about this? This is a common line that we see printed on every cigarette packet. But do people really ponder over it? No, everyone simply ignores it that’s why smoking is a practice which grows in the due course of time and becomes a habit. Smoking leads to serious health hazards and reduces the life span. The rise in a number of cancers, heart disease, and other health issues are a result of smoking. But still, it continues unabated.

Smoking – Quit Playing Games with Your Lungs

Doing away with cigarettes is not an easy task. The drug called nicotine present in cigarette makes a person addicted thus making it tough for him to quit the habit. The amount of nicotine present in different brands of cigarette varies. But whatever be the percentage of nicotine present, it affects us adversely in the long run.

Continuous smoking injures the lung tissues and the airways leading to rising in the mucus level. Mucus acts as a breeding ground for various bacteria and viruses thereby reducing the antibody. And it makes one more vulnerable to cold, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Even most lung cancers begin from the bronchial lining. The smoke that is inhaled gets deposited in the form of tar which is rich in cancer producing elements.

Not only this, the rise in the level of smoke increases the heart beat. The heart starts palpitating in an irregular manner which can result at times into cardiac arrhythmia. The intake of smoke easily passes to the blood and the hemoglobin present in blood immediately turns to carboxyhemoglobin. This limits the flow of oxygen to the brain and other organs of the body further degrading the health condition.

Besides,  in woman smoking reduces the rate of fertility and she reaches menopause quite earlier than the normal period. In addition to this, smoking also decreases the sensitivity impairing the taste and smell in a body.

In order to quit smoking one must be willing and at the same time be equally determined. Start practicing yoga, go for regular work out, build up your confidence level and keep yourself busy. Changes in the functioning of the brain due to regular exercise help in eliminating the addiction. One needs to come out of the regular routine, inculcate the habit of meditation. This generates oxygen to the different parts of the body and reduces the effect of nicotine.

Smoking – Quit Playing Games with Your Lungs

There are e-cigarettes available in the market consisting of a small dose of nicotine and are not bad for health. For starters, they can make use of these substitutes, but after a certain period of time, it will not be required.

Strong support is also required from the family members. The family members must also encourage the smokers and help in getting away with this addiction.

Smoking has been affecting both the rural and the urban population alike. In the rural areas too we find people smoking extensively but most of them are unaware of the side effects of smoking. It is necessary that these people be educated on the various perils of smoking in order to make the population free from the threats of smoking. The problem encompasses all and sundry. But whatever be the circumstances one must have a strong will to do so as the popular saying goes “Where there is a will there is a way”


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